About Hourglass Independent Records, Inc.

Founded as a marketing consultancy, Hourglass has focused on the music industry for several years. Yale University graduate, Stefani Rose is the co-founder and President of Hourglass, as well as a singer/songwriter, actress, and creative producer. She has seen the way that artists can be taken advantage of and created Hourglass because she needed a way to market herself and her music. Now, she is determined to keep other talented people from slipping through the cracks or being taken advantage of by companies that don't care about them or their music. She sure would have loved to have some honest help 15 years ago when she was starting out. Hourglass is fiercely independent, focuses on building artists, and does it in a way that maintains each artist's integrity.

The sad truth is that to be successful in the entertainment industry, it takes more than talent. It takes creativity, money, connections, and a solid brand. As an artist development consultancy and label, we leverage our experience, creativity, and connections to help guide you in the right direction. One of our founding principles is to ensure that you maintain control of your image and your music.

Nothing in life is free. Some people will promise you overnight success, but it takes hard work to break a new artist. Major music labels may gamble on you and cut a check for $100,000 - but they own your music, masters, and your image...AND you still owe them that $100,000 advance. Hourglass partners with you. We look critically at where you are as an artist, what your music is all about, and what your goals are as a performer. As partners, we design a plan of action to help you get your music, image, and fan base to align behind your goals. Depending on what you feel comfortable with and what you can afford, we work with fee-based or percentage-based arrangements.

We never turn down great music or great people - we will find a way to work with you.